Thursday, October 13, 2022

How the slave lost it's name

I honestly can't remember when Master called me the last time by my first name. It must have been months or even years ago? Pretty soon in our relationship, as in many D/s-relationship we did not refer to each other by our names but our "titles" - like Master, slave, Sir etc. 

This has intensived over the last year at the same time our relationship has intensived and turned even more into a D/s direction. So what does my Master call me now?

Well it depends of course. But it is not my name and it is not something like "honey" or "darling" of course. It can be "dog", "horse", "it", "object", "pet", "slave" etc. and various variations from those terms. Just recently Master started to call me "cattle" or "livestock" to show that I was an animal that was trained and had value for the owner for a certain aspects, like a cow, other than a pet, like a dog. 

You might think that those terms sound very harsh and hard and that they show a cold relationship. It is quite the opposite! Master says those words with the greatest respect and love possible. Actually I feel more love in His voice when He calls me His "livestock" or His "object" than I felt when He was calling me by my name. He is such a natural Master that those terms come natural to Him and are not demeaning, but just stating the fact. And of course it is incredible hot serving as a good slave and be called like that. I enjoy it the same way as Master enjoys my respectful and humble "Sir" or "Master". Even a guest Master just recently said: "You are a slave. You don't need a name."

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Anonymous said...

In traditional English households pre-mid 1900s, male servants would be referred to by their surnames only. This usage was practical as it referenced the individual concerned, but created hierarchy between the household owners and their guests and the servants.