Thursday, September 8, 2022

Involving vanillas "indirectly"

After posting a picture of my slave serving me in our holidays on twitter, a follower asked me if we tidy up the room from BDSM stuff. In that moment the idea of writting a blogpost about involving vanillas into the BDSM world came up. So here is my view on involving vanillas into BDSM.

First of all involving vanillas into the BDSM scene should not be forced! It is up to each individual if he has interest in BDSM and if he wants to have some point of contact or not. If someone wants nothing do to with it it should be respected. Because of that we always do our best to "hide" the obvious sides of our lifestyle in front of vanillas and therefore my slave has to tidy up the hotel room from BDSM stuff before we go out.
We want to respect the integrity of each individual. As we want to be respected with our integrity.

Of course their are situations where vanillas are involved in our lifestyle. Our lifestyle is then still in place when vanilas are around. My slave will carry the luggage, he will serve drinks to guests, cook something or clean the table. His slavecock is still locked under his clothes. So it is still serving secretly and has its rules and structures but no vanilla can or will be offended by it.

Of course their could be some vanillas around which would not be offended if we would live it a little more open. I knew some vanillas which where interested in BDSM and on a certain point I decided to show them a little bit of BDSM. Of course with their consent. So my slave had to cook for us, bring drinks furthermore it wore its slave chain. It was a nice experience and you have to keep in mind they have probably not the same mindset and understanding as people in the BDSM community.

So to sum up: The BDSM lifestyle is something very specific and rare. Only a minority wants (or can) understand it fully. Why should I "bother" vanillas with it? On the contrary, I do not want to hurt our small community by pushing vanillas into it and giving them a wrong picture of BDSM. I want to show vanillas that BDSM is about respect, understanding and also affection/(love).

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Anonymous said...

Forcing a vanilla into the role of submitting could be what they want. Then there are those who turn their nose up at the life style and cal it perverted. They have not got the open mind to want to try something different and erotic. I have been on both sides of the coin both Dominant and sub and enjoy the bottom role. I really like to be collared and told what to do. My best Dominant top would be some one that controls me. Tells me what to wear when out and keeps me naked and collared at home. I have even dreamed of being lead naked by collar and leash at a clothing optional resort. My problem is at 69 and my urge to keep the Coors brewing company in business I am not a orize to be lead around naked. Keep in mind there are a lot of people who will try something different once or twice