Thursday, December 29, 2022

The first time Master punished me

A befriended Master asked me what it was like when I accepted that my Master had the right to punish me. This Master actually asked me what it was like when my partner punished me before he became my Master. But it was actually the other way round. Master became my Master and later also my partner in life. So I decided to focus a little bit on the first punishments I received.

First of all, the first meeting with my Master has already been years ago so I have to search in my memory. Master had me writing diary then (a great tip for starting BDSM with a new slave!) but I think I can recall many of the important things without rereading the diaries. 

To be clear: I was not new to punishments before I met my Master. I had had different kind of sessions before. Within those sessions punishmens where sometimes rare, sometimes frequent. So I was used to that, that another person had the right to punish me when I agreed to have a session with them. This could either be punishment during a session, for example for not sucking right or punishment for behavior between sessions. I am a natural submissive and not a masochist. So I always try to avoid punishment because I don't like the pain and I always try to do what Master tells me. But of course I got punished, either I did get something wrong or the Master just punished me because he enjoyed inflicting pain on me or showing dominance over me.

From the beginning it was kind of different with my Master. What I really liked (and still love!) is that my Master does set clear rules and punishments. He tells me what to do and I know I will get punished if I don't meet His expectations. Sometimes He punishes me for fun, but that is another story and He always tells me that it is not because I did something wrong.

So from the very beginning Master told me all the rules I had to apply to and that I would get punished if would do something wrong (we communicated a lot before our first meeting). So I was prepared that I would received punishment and I accepted that.  The crucial part probably was that we still had to get to know each other. So in some cases I thought the punishment was not justified, because the task was to hard, or I had performed it correctly in my opinion. As I said before Master had me writing a diary. And there He could read how I reacted to different punishments and why some tasks where harder for me to accomplish than He was used to by other slaves. This way He could adjust His expectations and punishments, either by Himself or talking to me. So over time it good better and better and the feeling that I was punished injust became rarer and rarer. That was an important point for me to submit deeper and deeper to my Master, because I felt that He was a strict but always fair Master.

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Gerry said...

Does Master distinguish between punishment (for not doing a task correctly or for bad behaviour, etc) and discipline (to remind slave of its status, to train it to obey rules and maintain good behaviour)? What sort of punishments and discipline does Master use?

Master D. said...

I distinguish between punishment and entertaiment.
Mostly I use the riding crop, spank or limit his screen time on his mobile phone as a punishment.