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Jealousy in a D/s relationship? - Slaves article

Can there be jealousy in a D/s relationship? And if so - is it any different from any non D/s relationship? 

First of all I think every couple experiences jealousy totally differently, wheter you are gay/straight and vanilla/kinky. So I can only talk about how I experience it and see it with others.

The rules are clear: Master is free in His sex and "play"-life, His slave is not. So Sir has no reason to ask me or even tell me when He fucks or uses another sub. We are both totally clear about that! On the other hand I have no say in my sex or "play"-life, it is totally controlled by Master.

Master has very high quality standars for potential slaves. So Sir rarely uses other subs that means it is very rare that I even could come into a situation where I could become jealous. Jealousy probably developed in our relationship over time. The longer we are together, the more the trust grows the less jealous I am. I think I was more jealous when we where both together for a short time. Probably more out of insecurity. It is not nice when you think you have found the Dom of your dreams and you have to fear He falls in love with another sub. The longer we are together, the stronger we have built our relationship those insecurities and with them the jealousy is getting smaller and smaller.

In fact it actually changed in a way that I love it to see when Master has fun with other slaves because I think Sir deserves the best service and a variety of service. It also is something special when I pack the toys for Master or prepare the flat before Sir meets another sub. And also to clean the apartment after Sir had His fun. This is a very special service in a D/s relationship. Of course I am only a human too, so I can't say how my feelings toward that might change over time but for now I love to serve while Master has fun with anothers. Which as said doesn't happen very often. Just recently Sir told me He pissed into another subs mouth... and then I felt some jealousy and whished that would have been me.

I think it was quite similar the other way round. In the beginning of our relationship Master didn't wanted me that much to serve others. But now over time Sir enjoys it very much when other Doms enjoy my services and use me. I think Sir enjoys His well trained slave provide services to other Doms and help having them a good time. He loves it to be in control whom I serve and that only He decides if I suck another Masterdick or not. I am also totally open to Sir when I find another Dom or Mistress hot and show Sir pics and videos online. Sir thinks it is good for me to be honest about my interestes and He enjoys hearing about them. This is one of the reasons Sir allows me to interact with other Doms. 

So of course jealousy is different in every relationship and develops over time but I think in a D/s relationships the roles are more clear which might make it easier to deal with jealousy. 

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