Saturday, January 6, 2024

Highlights of 2023 and outlook to 2024

Looking back on 2023 I can say it was over all a good year. We met new people in the BDSM world online and offline and managed to stay in contact with people we have been knowing for years. If I think about it, there were also several highlights in this year. This summer we managed to perform more outdoor events than ever!

A thing Master and his slave are enjoying very much. We found places were I could lick the feet of Master outdoor, suck His Mastercock or just rest under His feet. One time Sir could even ride me outdoor as His human pony. On another night Sir invited another Master and they both smoked cigars under the stars while I was at their feet. Definitly a highlight of 2023!

Another highlight was the human urinal training. Master trained me more and more to take His piss and also offered my services to guests. Another step on becoming a better object for my Master. Next to these highlights there was a lot of regular service I provided. Sometimes more intense than during other times. But I am happy to say that I finished another year without a full orgasm and I have embraced even more that my sexuality comes from serving my Master and potential guests.

So what will 2024 bring?

We actually have scheduled some visits to other Doms we have met before, where I am looking very much forward to. We rarely meet other people and are very rare at big gatherings so evertime it is really something special. But many highlights you can't plan, some things develop out of the moment and those are the real hot deal. Of course 2024 will bring hours and hours of service to my Master, where I am very happy and grateful that Sir continues to train me to become a better slave for Him. I also want to thank you - our followers - for showing interest and engaging with us. This means the world to me! And one thing I know for sure. 2024 won't bring any orgasms for me!

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