Thursday, June 13, 2024

The bitter sweet joy and pain of missing Master

"What?" - you might think. "How can it be a "bitter sweet joy" if you miss your Master? Well - let me explain. When Master and I are apart I of course miss Master a lot. It is like a part of me is missing and there are so many moments I would love to share with Sir, feel Him and be of service to Him. But of course there can be quite a joy of still serving Him, even if Sir is not around. Being locked for Him, performing chorse for Him, eating from the floor if possible etc. Such things deepen the relation, even if Sir is not around. At the same time I look very much forward to the moment when Sir comes back, I think about how Sir might use slave, what we might do etc. and how I could greet Sir perfectly.

Of course I am not 100% myself when Master is not around - cause I have the feeling that something is missing - but at the same time I have the trust and assurance that Master is coming back, so I know this feeling will only be temporary. These thoughts help to calm me.

Furthermore as slave I am used to waiting for my Master. So it kind of feels like serving Him, while I wait for Him at home like a well trained pet, which also brings me joy. I also try to use the time wisely, for example perform time consuming activities, so that I have more free time, when Master will return or when could learn a new useful skill. 

To sum up: There will be moments when you will be apart. Try to make the best out of it, keep serving, stay in touch and look forward for the moments when you will meet each other again... so you can make the pain at least bitter sweet.

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