Thursday, May 23, 2024

Being happy when Sir receives appropiate service from others

I have already written about the topic of jealousy in the a D/s relationship and that I actually think it is hot when Master uses other slaves. But today I want to focus on a certain aspect of that: Master receiving good service.

To me Master is superior and only deserves the best service from His submissives. Sir has trained me to His liking for more than a decade and it is my goal to make the life of my Master easier in many ways. So when Master is away for a longer period of time I try to prepare every thing I can so that Master won't have any hazzle during the trip. But of course I can't serve Sir in person and it pains me thinking of all the times Master would have benefited from having His slave around. So I am really happy when Sir not only finds a slave to "play" with, but one that serves Him like Sir deserves it. This is very rare, as many slaves are more into sessions and not into other type of services. But recently it seemed to work out great, that Master found a slave that would serve Him over the course of a whole weekend. I am actually not sure what they did and in which ways the slave served my Master - after all it is none of my business - but it seems Master is happy with the service provided and so I am happy.

I think the slave showed some sights of interest, fetched and served coffee, picked up Master from the airport and carried His luggage. It seems to be a natural slave that performs well. The slave was allowed to contact me in advance and I was allowed to give some tips. So I could make sure that the slave would have Master's favorite beverage and snack ready while picking Him up and ordering the right type of coffee. As said I am really happy that Master receives appropiate service... and furthermore it is kind of hot knowing that Master might be served sexually while I am locked at home doing laundry for the time Master comes back home!

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