Thursday, May 9, 2024

creative ways of serving

There are so many ways of serving. There are so many ways of a submissive being useful for a Dom. The two main ways of service seem to be sexual service and financial services, when you look online. So that is why I decided to focus on the other ways of being useful, especially when they are a little bit more creative:

1. house chores
If you follow our accounts this is nothing new to you. Cleaing the house of the Master, doing grocery shopping, laundry, cooking etc. It needs a lot of skills and knowledge: What type of food does Master enjoy, what drinks does Sir prefer, etc. So one can easily show that a slave is paying attention and make the life of a Master easier. This also works great when you don't live with your Master or your Master sends you to the house of a fellow Dom.

2. research
So much of our time goes into research, or we pay others to do the research for us. Why not use a slave for that? For example when we go on vacation I research hotels, restaurants and trips to the liking of my Master. This saves Sir a lot of time and He does not have to pay for a travel agency. Some times when Sir is on business trips He orders me to research great restaurants or movies at the cinema nearby to make suggestions for Him. A friend Dom of Master needed some slaves to do an internet research, and Master immediatly ordered me to perform this research. A great way to serve! If you are a Dom just try out giving slaves research tasks. You can easily tell wannabe slaves apart from real slaves by the outcome of the research. If they really put thoughts and time in it.

3. shopping
grocery shopping is a recurring tasks in everyday life. But there are many more ways a slave can perform shopping offline and online. You can give your slave the task to order presents for friends and colleagues. You can order your slave to order a certain wine that goes great with a certain food etc. This way you combine research and shopping, so two tasks. Next level shopping: If you have a slave that has similiar body shape to you: Send him shopping clothes for you.

4. picking up stuff and transportation
picking up stuff is a pain in the a**. A slave will happily pick up stuffs from the dry cleaner, from the post office etc. You love to order food? Why not try and order directly at the restaurant and have a sub perform the delivery? You need to go somewhere and are gonna drink alcohol. Why not have a sub picking you up? Master did this some times, when Sir was at events. He had me waiting at home and texted me when He wanted go home, so I could pick Sir up.

So you see, there are many great ways to serve. Just pick the one you enjoy and see how it is for both of you!

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