Thursday, May 16, 2024

Punishment - in a fair D/s lifestyle

Rules, orders and structures are an essential part in a D/s dynamic and it is normal that mistake are part of our human being. I own my slave for over a decade now and it is absolut normal that sometimes a mistake happen despite how well a slave is trained and what quality the slave reached.

A rule disregarded, an order insufficiently executed or protocol not correctly followed leads always to punishment! This is part of a slaves life and is an important instrument in molding and training an inferior being. Thats the part which makes me a strict Master.

There is another part which is as important as being a strict Master - especily when living the BDSM lifestyle. Being a fair Master. As always the world is not that simple. There are always external and internal factors which are important to consider when it is comming to punishment.

Let´s make a thought experiance: You have "slave a" and "slave b". Both are exactly ten minutes late.

slave a:
Was stuck in a traffic blockage. Had planned enough buffer time in case of some unexpected traffic jam would occur and checked the traffic news before. He informs the Master immediately about the incident. When arriving at the Master he has an enormously bad conscience for the delay but not because he receives punishment therefore - no, because he feels bad to let the Master wait.

slave b:
Already went late out of his house because he wanted to finish the movie he watched. Comes into light traffic jam. Does not inform the Master about the delay. When arriving he has no bad feelings for the delay.

Both slaves have arrived ten minutes late. Should both be punished? As a strict Master your answer will be "Yes absolutely!!" because the order was not complied with. Should both be punished equaly? As a fair Master your answer will be "no".

"slave a" would receive a formal punishment for being late. All internal factors on which the slave can have an influence where properly taken and executed. He was foresighted, he informed the Master and his slave mindset gave him already a bad feeling - kind of a pre-punishment. The only factor which the slave could not have influenced was external: The unexpected jam block, despite the fact he took all precautionary measures by planning a buffer and checking the traffic news. Therefore some hits with the riding crop would do the job.

I think about "slave b" we do not have to talk about... I would be disappointed to the core about such behavior and I think I would never ever again let the slave serve me. Such a slave would not deserve to serve me.

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