Sunday, April 28, 2024

Finally - the joy of serving outdoor again!

I actually love autumn and winter time. You spend much more time indoors which gives a lot more opportunities of serving and lot more possibilities of using candles! But now as spring and summer are here and approaching the way of serving changes and the few possibilities of serving outdoor are opening up again. I really love to serve outdoor. It is so rare of course. Cause you need to find the right place and time, cause we do not want to scare of vanillas. I think this makes it special to me. 

Just recently I had the chance to serve Master in a private secluded garden during night time. That was great. We just made the usual things. I was kneeling in front of my Master, serving and holding drinks. I was licking boots and serving as boot rest and I was serving as humina urinal. Just the stuff we would do at home. But feeling the grass under my naked skin, seeing the stars above us and also feeling the cold breeze on my slave body made it extra special. 

Hopefully we will get the chance to do those things more often. Last summer Master enjoyed His cigars outside while I was serving Him orally. And especially I am looking forward to be used as human pony and human dog again outside. 

But as said in the beginning this is very rare, because time and place would need to be right. And I still had not the chance to serve as human pony in front of a cart to carry Master around over long distances. This is one of the few "fantasies" we couldn't perform until now. But let's wait what summer brings!

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Anonymous said...

P1: scare [off] vanillas
P2: I was serving as [human] urinal.

2 spelling mistakes by sub, bad boi! Need to be punished by his master.