Thursday, April 11, 2024

Getting used to be bred and milked

Master is in charge of my sexuality for more than a decade. Only Sir decides when I get fucked and by whom. Same goes for the stimulation I receive and the stimulation I give others. It is totally under Sirs control and functions on command. I noticed over the years that I am getting trained more and more like an animal and start to function as one.

Sex has changed for me to be one of many different tasks I have to perform. Of course being fucked is different than cooking, but they function with the same principle: I get ordered to do the tasks and I try to do my very best. So if Master orders me to fetch Him a drink or if Sir orders me to go on all fours and spread my legs to be fucked it is the same for me. 

An order I receive by the Man of the house, the Man I love, obey and respect. And in both ways I try to please Sir as best as possible. Of course I feel pleasure when serving Sir or His guests orally, but mostly because I can make Sir happy with that. He has trained me as animal. And my body reacts to that. When I get the order to open my slave hole it starts automatically to be more open. I have nothing to say in it. Like being cattle or a dog at the vet that gets an anal examination. Same goes for milking. Every other month I receive a ruined orgasm for medical health reasons. I am trained to do my very best to hold them back while I am edged. But usually when I get the "go" by Master I only get a short window of only a few seconds to perform my ruined orgasm. And of course my body and mind are adapting to that. The order "fetch", "stay" or "shoot" are the same for me, like any other animal the training is internalized. The only difference between me and any other animal left is, that I am able to reflect about that. And I can honestly say: I love it!

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Anonymous said...

You are going far and that’s so great 🤪 to achieve that level as a slave😈.

pupmysterys said...

I been following your Master and you has a slave for sometime now and I have to say that seeing you grow has a slave been very exciting to see! Never stop growing and learning to serve and obey your Master.

-Scooby 🐾