Saturday, March 9, 2019

Let us know your Questions & Topic proposal!

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we want to give you the possibility to ask us questions about our BDSM lifestyle and/or you can give us proposal about the next Topic you want to read about.

Let us know your Question and/or topic proposal  in the comments below!

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Anonymous said...

I know from your posts that slave M. is permanently marked with an tattoo. I am thinking about marking my slave with an NFC implant (these can be placed between thumb and indexing finger, by a piercing studio for example). You ever thought about doing so? Chipping a slave sounds very suitable. I am just not yet sure about the data content of the NFC chip (could be a link to slave registry, for example. Free text would be more nice, but a lot of reader app seems to display not the full length of the text). Would be nice to hear your thoughts!

Master D. said...

Thank you for yor comment/question.
Yes I thought about it and of course it is also a good way to mark your slave secretly.
I wanted a slave mark which you can obviously see. Futhermore it has to last for his entity life.
NFC is a technologie which is only a „few“ year old. So I asked myself question like: Will we still use that technologie in 15, 20, 30 years? Will the devices to read the chip still be availible in future? That is the reason I did not chose a NFC or other digital technologie to mark my slave and marked him in a „old fashion“ way.

Anonymous said...

I would also mention the still unsatisfyingly scarce research regarding the long-term effects of microchip implants. Especially in the mentioned area (interdigital space) I would refrain to use such techniques. At least, if your intention is to keep your slave in good shape to make best use if it.
Not least, what's wrong about a visible mark on your property? ;-)

See also here:

Master D. said...

Thank you for your comment! Yes correct, that was also one of the factors why I decided the tattoo. I want to see my "Master emblem" on his body. A visible mark. Something he can not hide and reminds him to whom he belongs.