Thursday, March 21, 2019

Slavery in everyday life - part 1

In our blog we have already talked about how we see some things concerning BDSM and we also have described special events. Today I thought of starting a new segment that is called „slavery in everyday life.“ Here I would want to give you some insight in how it is to live day after day in a Master-slave relationship and tell you some things that have happened that give you an idea what it is like to live as Master and slave.

Last week I was on a business trip and I arrived after midnight at home. My Master was already in his bed sleeping. He had texted me and ordered me to sleep on the kitchen floor and not in the Master bedroom, so I would not awake him and disturb his precious sleep. So I got home and was a silent as possible. I undressed, and took my neck chain and also my cuffs. After that I went tot he kitchen, where my Master had already prepared the sleeping bag on the kitchen floor. Next to my slave sleeping place I found a handwritten note with the logo of my Master.
In this note he told me that he would expect me the next morning kneeling in the dining room, blindfolded and presenting his favorite cup of coffee. So I sat my alarm so that I would wake up before my Master. After a short night I woke up, rushed to the coffee machine and prepared his favorite coffee in his favorite cup. After hat I kneeled down in front of the dining table, I blindfolded myself and waited for my Master. Only seconds later my Master entered the room and was truly impressed and happy to see his slave that way, after he had enjoyed a nice ans pleasant sleep in a warm bed. He took the coffee out of my hand and ordered me to lick his balls and feet while he was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. After that he went to the shower, while I ate my slave breakfast. I then showered myself and we both went to work. Just a “normal” start of a day in a Master-Slave relationship and I loved it!

Some days later late in the evening we ran out of my Masters' favorite beverage. That normally never happens, but I had not bought enough bottles which was my failure. My Master punished me with the crop for my mistake After that I had to plug myself and walk in the rain to the next grocery store that was open so late. I felt the plug every step I took and I felt the rain on my head, but I was happy I could do that to fetch my Master with his favorite beverage. When I was at home I was happy when I saw how much he enjoyed the drink! Of course I had to wear the plug for the rest of the evening as a reminder of my mistake. 

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Z said...

How could he made you walk in feels like he cares more about drinking his favourite beverage then the wellbeing of his slave.