Friday, July 19, 2019

The benefits of edging a (chaste) slave

One of the key method to show my dominance is to edge my slave.
As you know I keep my slave chaste and he has to earn his orgasm by doing his slave training and slave tasks. But between his orgasm I play quite a lot with his dick and of course I edge him. Sometimes really hard, sometimes only a bit. I does it to show my power and position over him. But also to show him affection. Perhaps you read that he is not allowed to touch his dick or/and his balls. So my hands are the only way for him to receive any kind of sexual stimulation. Sexuality is a basic need and the sexuality of my slave lays in my hand. I decide when and how often he receives this kind of stimulation. I show him in that way that his sexuality and his body belongs to me.

I think, that a slave has to earn his orgasm and that he should see it as a reward! It should be a rare good to motivate the slave to server his Master well! Furthermore I think that it also intense the bond between a Master and his slave. Having my slave kneeling before me, seeing his erect penis perhaps craving (in silent) for stimulation is a really beautiful situation. To grab his dick, stimulating him and seeing him enjoying it, as well as countenance to control his body is something I love. Moreover it is a good way to train a slave about having his body, as well as his mind under control for his Master!
At the beginning, before I owned him, my slave jerked off every day. So the first think I did was to reduce his orgasm to twice a week. After some months it was time to reduced it to once a week. While doing that it was noticeable that his submissiveness was rising. Keep in mind that a natural slave has a natural submissiveness and that chastity increases that. I also believe that the mind of a slave realize and learn who is in charge and will focus more intense on that person who can give the sexual release and stimulation.

After we moved together it was for me clear that my slave is not allowed to ever again touch his cock and balls. Exception is for hygiene and shaving reasons. After he learned that lesson it was time to move from a time based orgasm to a earning based orgasm. At the start he receives a lot of B-Point for his tasks and trainings. So he could easely earn 1-2 orgasm a week. That was important to show him that a good slave get rewarded. Soon the points for his tasks and training were slowly reduced, so that it was harder to reach enough points for an orgasm. He had to do more tasks and training to earn an orgasm. At the beginning it was hard for him but he learned it very well.

Today he receives all 2-3 Week an orgasm - when doing his task/training properly! This is for me the optimal amount of orgasm for a slave. So in this situation of beeing chaste for several weeks, edging is important tool to keep his libido on a proper level. Furthermore it shows to whom he belongs. The procedure of edging can be a enjoyment or a torture for him. It depent on how intensively I edge him.

There was a specific situation where I realized that my slave accepted his situation of being chaste and only receiving stimulus without relief. So I do not want to deprive this small story: Before going on a business trip my slave had enough point for his deserved orgasm, but he was not feeling well (he had a cold). So he asked me gentle if he can receive his orgasm after my business trip, because he wanted to enjoy it fully. You have to know that at that point he was chaste for about 4-5 weeks and that he had to wait more than a full week for his next orgasm. I granted his wish. Over this 6 weeks my slave never begged or complained about his situation of being chaste! After I went back from my business trip I wanted to reward him with three free orgasm! So I told him about his luck. " will receive tonight your orgasm which you earned and as a reward of being chaste so long without complaining and without begging you will receive one orgasm a day for the next three day. For free!" - "Thank you Sir! Sir? Why? I did not earned these orgasm!" After some second he added: "It feels wrong to me. Can I please suggest to receive only my earned orgasm?" What a well trained slave! I was incredibly (positively) surprised about his honest reaction and answered. It was for me one of many sign that he fully accepted his slave life!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have an amazing slave 👍

Master D. said...

Hi anonymous!
Absolutly and I am extremly proud of him!

Anonymous said...

How do you take care of him when he's sick?

Master D. said...

As every human being my slave also has sometime a cold. Then I take care of him. Make him tee or go to the pharmacy and buy the necessairy drugs.
This means also that his "slave duties", all his training and some rules are cancelled until he is better.
The health (physically and mentally) as well as the safety of my slave come ALWAYS first!