Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The fear of the crop

My Master really loves his crop for different reasons as he has already written.
I as his slave fear his crop. The crop is omnipresent. My Master always keeps it near him - in fact he has two of them. So it is always visible for me and present in the room. Even when we travel I always have the order to pack the crop so that my Master has it at his hand all the times.
At home he also sometimes orders me to fetch his crop for him. This is a very intense moment for me. When I fetch the crop I bring it to him, kneel down, head down, hands up and present the crop. Then my Master takes it and I have no idea what happens next. Sometimes he punishes me for a mistake, but sometimes he just wanted me to fetch his crop and sends me away to go on with my slave chores.

My Master trained me very well on the crop. Now I know what all the different signs of the crop . For example tap on his foot means licking. When I'm down and get two small taps on my back then I'm allowed to get up, etc.
When I'm down on my knees and between his legs and licking his balls and the Master cook I can see that he always has the crop in his hands. To correct me instantly when he wants me to improve my performance. And of course he punishes me with the crop. That really hurts a lot and it is a real punishment for me. A crop is a powerful tool, so use it wisely!

As you see I really fear the crop. But at the same moment I really love it. It is a powerful symbol of my Master and a part of him. It looks very aesthetic, as my Master has mentioned, when he has the crop in his hand. I love the crop because when the crop touches me my Master touches me and I know that the crop helps me to become a better slave!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Slave M, do you have a safeword? Did you ever used it?

Slave M. said...

Thank you for your question! No I don't have a safeword. That would not work in our relationship. I'm always totally honest and if something is too much I say so and then my Master knows it is really to much for me and he can decide if he wants to change something.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to explain to others outside D/s the fear aspect of high protocol and why slaves subs who arent true masochists or pain lovers can be motivated to perform with the crops constant and fierce encouragement but also why that can also be intensely erotic