Thursday, May 28, 2020

Serving a Mistress as gay slave.

One user asked the interesting question how I had reacted if my Master had ordered me to serve a Mistress instead of a Master. This is such a good question that my Master ordered me to answer it in a blogpost, which I am happy to oblige.
My answer is very simple: If my Master orderes me to serve a Mistress, of course I would follow the order and I would submit and serve. I trust my Master when he allows other male Doms to play with me, the same would apply to Mistresses.

But let me talk a little bit more about how I see submitting to a Mistress.
First of all I have to say that I have never ever submitted to a Mistress. I never searched for a Mistress and a Mistress never asked my Master if she could play with me. So I have no idea what it would be like to serve a Mistress. But if my Master would order me to serve a Mistress, or would let a Mistress play with me, I would do my very best to please her. I can imagine myself doing chores for her like cooking, cleaning, serving drinks or more intimate things like: licking her boots, licking her feets, serving as a footrest for her. And of course if she wanted to play with my nipples, my slavedick, use hot wax on my body, turn me into her dog or sit down on my back to ride me like a pony - in all those cases I would do my very best and perform as I have been trained.
There is only one thing where I am not sure how to execute an order: I have no idea how to satisfy a woman sexually. I have never been together with a woman. My slavetongue has never licked a woman, my slavehand has never touched a woman and of course my slavedick has never been near a or even inside a woman.
So if my Master would order me to serve a Mistress and satisfy her sexually I would have no idea what to do and how to start. I have been trained over the years by several men to suck dicks in different shapes and sizes, to deepthroat, to lick balls and to present my ass so that my Master can fuck me easily. But a Mistress would have to start allover with me and teach me from the very beginning on how to satisfy a woman. It would be a very interesting challange and I am not sure how many lashes of the whip it would take to train a gay slave into a slave that can satisfy Mistresses.

I want to thank the user for asking the question that made me think about this topic. I hope he (or she?) finds my answer satisfying.

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Gerry said...

A very interesting question and an equally interesting and honest answer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering! BDSM is more often about domination and submission than sex but would it be a hard limit for you if she use a strap-on to fuck you?

socialslave said...

Very interesting indeed. Of course as slave's we would follow orders. However I can not imagine My Master ordering that. He knows slave so well. He has put in so much effort training, nurturing and protecting slave. As for this slave's Master, perhaps He would refrain from this out of protection for slave mental state. Not finding anything wrong with "women", however we can not simply force conventional wisdom on our dicks and never could. Perhaps a bit silly to assume that basic sexual urges do not play a factor in our BDSM relationship and interacting. There are somethings that will not "woke" a penis.
Thank You Sirs

Slave M. said...

Thank you very much for your comments and thoughts!
To answer the question how it would be if a Mistress would fuck me with a strap-on. I have honestly no idea what it would be like, because I have never been fucked with that. But of course I would endure it, if ordered so. I think it is unlikely, because my Master loves to be the only one who fucks me.