Thursday, August 27, 2020

My view on slaves

I decided to write a blogpost about my point of view on how I see slaves. So this blogpost will be my very personal opinion about slaves. As you probably and already know I refer to myself as a natural Master. So I have a clear view on slaves. Once a slave served me and I see that he has a certain amount of "natural submissiveness" in him he will always be branded as slave in my eyes. This means in my view he loses permanently his "status" as an "equal" human being! This does NOT mean I have no respect for him! NO, absolutely not!!
It only means that once I "branded" a person as a slave in my mind I see him hierarchically below me! Nothing more. Perhaps the best way to describe this is to refer to the working environment. There is also a hierachy installed and the worker (hopefully) earns the same respect as the leader(s).
Again: I have this "BDSM stuff" in me and I am living it. This means when someone gets in my head branded as slave, he will not be allowed to eat from the table, he will always be kept naked with cuffs when visiting me/us and has to follow my orders. A good example is a visit from a guestslave and good friend who came to visit us for some hours. The moment he came into our appartment he had to strip naked, wear his cuffs and to drink from a dogbowl. We talked, we laughed, and he served me drinks while I was sitting on the couch and the slaves were on the floor. It was clear to me and it was clear to the guestslave. I did not play with his slavebody and did not use him that night. That is for me the BDSM lifestyle and my view on slaves!

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SoldierSlave said...

SIR thank You for sharing this SIR this is as it should be SIR and this slave understand that some people might think it is embarrassing, but it is only for those that are not familiar with the lifestyle and hierarchy SIR for a slave like this one it is very normal SIR You always will be a MASTER and this slave will always act like a slave in Your presence SIR

Unknown said...

As a slave I find it really disturbing when a Man who has once dommed me tries the "we're not playing now, so we're equals" aproach.

I wasn't playing then, i'm not playing now, I'm a slave and to be looked on as anything else is to deny what I am, and by inference what that Man is.

If the Man is a Master I am not, cannot be, his equal.

Master D. said...

Absolutly agree on the comments. It is not a "play" for me/us. It is our nature which we live.

socialslave said...

Sir, may I say it is refreshing to this slave to read your statement of what a slave is and will remain.
It is hard for any of us to de-program and reverse the teachings of how men have to act and how horrible it is to be a slave.
Being a slave is a joy, a fulfillment of who and what I was meant to be. It is the best me possible. Just as being a Master is the “best me possible” for others.
Domination and subordination are two necessary roles for the higher form of living that so few of us find right and enjoyable.
Thank You Sir

fs001 said...

Its' always so good and useful to beginners in submission to read Your opinion, Sir.
It makes things clear, Sir. Domination/submission are not a hobbies, Sir. They are a natural way of life for true Masters/slaves, Sir.
Thank You very much for reminding us about it, Sir.

Solo Solo said...

I feel fulfilled in being owned by my Master.

Master D. said...

And that is an important part of being an owned slave.
Congratulation, slave. Wish you both the best.

socialslave said...

How deeply rewarding and honoring it is for a slave to be so ratified and have his true self reflected back to him. Especially from a naturally “higher” person. It justifies and reinforces its natural and true identity. What a wonderful gift you give; to offer a slave the chance to serve, a chance to fulfill its purpose in life.
What a really great Master You are and how lucky Your slaves. You “get it”!
This is what a TPE consists of for this slave. This is the exchange. What a fantastic interaction “devoutly to be wished.”

Don said...

A very interesting thought. I know i am a sub. I seek a man in pyjamas to be a master. Top fetish.