Thursday, August 6, 2020

Where I want to improve my slave skills

A user asked recently if I would think I would need to improve my slave skills or if I was at my best.
This is a very good question indeed! First of all I think as a slave you need constant training not only to get better but to keep your level of skills. That is why my Master trains me on different aspects on a regular basis.
Yes I definitely think I can and I should improve my skills. As slave I always try to become better to be able to serve my Master in a better way. This can be when I try out a new recipe and improve my cooking skills, when I do sports to improve my fitness etc. 
Of course my Master tells me from time to time fields where he wants me to improve my skills. Obviously he has trained me over years how to suck his dick and lick his balls exactly the way he enjoys it most, how he likes to get his drinks served, how I should kneel, bow down etc. 

But of course as slave I think it is my duty not only to wait for orders of my Master but to find ways to improve my skills on my own. This could be to learn a new language so I could serve my Master better when we are in a foreign country or to learn a new massage technique. But there is one thing I really would love to do to improve my slave skills: 
I really would love to attend a butler school. I would love to learn all the skills a butler needs to have: Being silent, being obedient, always in the background and helpful, knowing how to prepare special meals and drinks, how to make the table look like it was from a scene of a Lord's table from the 19th century. I try to do these things on my own. After all the servant training is very similar to a butler training. But I think there are so many more things I could learn at at butler school, which wine to serve to which meal, how to iron best, etc. Skills my Master would enjoy and where I could be able to serve him better!
I have already been trying to find such butler schools. But most of the courses I have found where quite expensive and took a lot of time. And of course it would be even greater to find a butler school with a BDSM connection. But of course this is just a dream. But if you know such a place, just DM me or my Master on twitter.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, have you ever disobeyed your master and if so why? Thank you for this blog!

fs001 said...

That's a great idea!
Here's a website that may help you but it requires that you learn French before :)
Or at least use Google translator...
This site was created by Nadine de Rotschild, who belongs to an old French aristocratic family. She's famous for insisting on the rules everyone should respect in our everylife: how to behave, how to set the table...
You'll find lots of useful tips on this site. Just go through it.
Hope it will help.
And your Master will appreciate.
Lucky you serving such a Superior Man!

fs001 said...

i've been rapidly searching through the net.
Here are a few interesting links:
i guess there are many more, though it will take you some time to search.
Good luck!
i'm sure you can become an excellent butler!

Slave M. said...

Thank you very much for your tips! I very much appreciate them!

fs001 said...

you're most welcome.
i really love the way you want to improve your service in varuous dimensions to give more satisfaction to your Master.
Many thanks to you (and Your Master) for Y/your fabulous blog!

fs001 said...

i also hope you will learn french :)))
i guess your Master would be proud and happy to have a french speaking butler ;)
Who knows, maybe we could serve Him together once...?