Friday, April 28, 2023

Discovering new kinks

I am into BDSM since many years now. It would be wrong to say that I see everything but of course I saw and made already quite some experiances. I know what I want and who I am. Never say never but I know what I am into. I think it will be unlikely that I will discover a „new kink“ out of the blue. 

I think that if a new kink will come up it will be evolutanarie and not revolutunarie. I think will not wake up one day and say: So today I found out that I am into X. If something „new“ will come up it will be slowly growing. 
The thing is: I am into authetic BDSM and therefore the lifestyle of it. I love the interaction with subs or other doms. The different „kinks“ are for me a tool to trigger and show the slave his position. Every slave is different and interacts in a differant way. This makes BDSM so interesting.

I am open minded to new stuff as long as it is safe and practiced in a healthy way. So we will see what new kink will arise.

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