Thursday, April 20, 2023

Gear and toys I still would love to have

We have been living the D/s lifestyle for over a decade. And of course we have accumulated some great toys and gears to play in our lifestyle. Actually for us toys are not that important. The mindset is more important than a fully equipped playroom. You can be very happy with only a few toys - a leash, a collar, a crop, cuffs, some boots etc. Those are the most essentials. Our best and biggest purchase in the last years was the massive cage we got. That was really an upgrade to our place and as I have mentioned is my favorite place in our flat. 

But yes, there are stille some more toys and gears I would enjoy one day with my Master.

A throne:

I love to see a man on the throne. My slaveheart gets weak when I see a dominant man sitting on a throne. It is not only a great symbol of power and dominance but offers so many great opportunities to serve! You can worhsip the Masterfeet, the Mastercock perfectly. You can serve drinks and kneel in front of the throne. You can serve as footrest in front of the throne. You can be a human watchdog next to the throne and being collared to it. Not sure if we will ever get a throne, but I love to have one at different places that we rent.


I love boots! Boots are great. You can worship them, lick them, clean them, feeling them all over your body. You can rest under boots or at boots. Your Master can inflict a lot of pain on you with boots etc. My Master looks great in boots and I think the time will bring more different pairs of it.

Outdoor kennel:

Being a human dog, and being kept in the cage is a thing both Master and I enjoy. But it is mostly limited to our place. Having one day an outdoor kennel, where Master can keep me as His dog, feed me there etc. would be wonderful. In summer the human dog even could sleep under the stars and guard the place during the night. So many great possibilities!

Objectification gear and masks

Master loves to objectify me. For example as furniture, as ashtry, as gimp etc. Recently He purchased some gimp masks where my face is totally invisible and I serve as an object, without being allowed to talk etc. Also in this case I think the future will bring more tools and masks to objectify me. We will see and keep you posted!

What toys would you still love to own?

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fag slave said...

A few of the items that it would like to own so a Master could use them on me are a spanking bench, a pegging bench, a cross, cage, stocks, crucifix cross with dildo, fuck machine, and a suspension hoist. Master could have a lot of fun using these items on it and it would enjoy being able to be used with these items for Master's pleasure.