Thursday, April 13, 2023

Why I do not use the first name of my slave.

I only use the name of my slave if I have to - like adressing him when vanillas are around! I try to avoid to use its name and if I have to use it I always have an inhibitions to do so. I also realize that every time before I use his name I search for an "appropriate" adress - which I can not use when vanilla are around - mostly I wait some seconds if my slave is looking over to me before my brain is searching for a solution and then using its name. I honestly also dislike it when other Doms or slaves use its name. It feels somehow wrong to me. The funny thing - luckely - it feels right and correct to hear its firstname by vanillas.

Why does it feel so wrong for me? I honestly do not know exactly but I have a theory. I think it has to do with the fact that his name was given and used when it was a "free human being" - equal towards other humans. Today it is no longer free. It is enslaved, belongs to me and gets trained as well as used by Superiors.

It is no longer a man - yes it is male but no man. It is a slave, a bitch, an object, a pet, livestock and definitely inferior towards Superiors Does this make it less worth? NO! On the contrary - for me it is more worth then anything else in the world. That is because I need a slave in my life to be truly happy and fulfilled. I want that it embraces its status. That it is proud of what it is and that it lives its true being! I am blessed to have found it. There is nothing bad in being an inferior! As there is nothing bad of being be an Superior. It is a symbiosys and both need each other.

Nevertheless because of that it feels wrong for me when people of the BDSM community uses his first name.

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Unknown said...

SIR, it has the BDSM handle of alphadog, SIR, and it in non-BDSM and BDSM responds to being addressed as “alpha“, SIR, what is YOUR preferred handle for YOUR husband/slave, SIR?

Anonymous said...

Some Masters would argue that you should address your slave by name so that there is no difference between the Master-slave world and the external world. It reminds the slave that it is living the real world all the time. My preference is to address a slave by its surname, so that it continues to make a connection to reality but reinforces the hierarchy of Master and slave.