Thursday, May 7, 2020

Being ordered to serve another Master

Obviously this evening happened some time ago. But I still have it in vivid memory, so I decided to describe the first time my Master ordered me to go to another place to serve a Master without him. It is very rare my Master lets other Masters play with me or orders me to serve them. And even in those rare cases it only happens when my Master is present and in full control over the situation. So sending me to another Master and allow this Master to use me is probably the biggest level of trust my Master can give to another Master.

I did not know what was going to happen. I only had the order to be on a certain day at a certain time at home with my Master and to keep the whole evening free. When I kneeled before my Master he told me the orders for the evening. I had to pack some toys in a bag, to shower, to shave, to lock my dick and to be at a hotel at a certain time and knock at a certain door. My heart beat up to my neck! I trust my Master absolutely, but to go to another place and not knowing what was going to happen made me nervous. Even more, I questioned myself: Would the other Master be pleased with me? Would he enjoy my body, would he enjoy torturing me and would he like it when I kneel in front of him?

My Master did not tell me a word which Master I would go to meet. His idea was that I had to follow his orders and serve ANY Master the same way I would serve him and make him proud. But of course I had a feeling whom I was going to meet. It would have been definitely somebody I would know, and a person my Master considered a trustworthy friend and a good Master-colleague. That narrowed it down. But still I was quite nervous

On the way to the hotel I bought some presents, small tributes which I thought a good slave should have with him. A good bottle of wine was in a my bag. I reached the hotel as ordered, the door opened and I smiled because I was happy to see the Master, whom I also consider as friend and because he was on my list of people I thought I would meet. I told the Master that I would serve him for the next four hours, then I would have to leave and I asked him if I should invite him to dinner or if he preferred to use me in his room. He decided to use me in his room and to make good use of the time. My Master had prepared a letter for the other Master, a satisfaction questionary which he should fill out and also the key to my locked dick, if the other Master wanted to play with it. I gave the Master the presents, the prepared letter from my Master, the bag with the toys and then I got naked, put my cuffs on and presented my slave body to the other Master and waited to be used. I have no idea what was written in the letter. But I think my Master wrote something like, the other Master should enjoy me, use me and told him what was taboo and what was not. It was a very hot feeling I have to admit, that my Master ordered me to serve another Master and that he set the terms and that I had nothing to say in it. That is a level of trust you only reach over years.

I want to write a little bit about the scenery on this evening, which I really found fitting. The other Master is a successful businessman who travels a lot and enjoys the luxury of business travel like lounges at airports and other special services. He likes to be served and I think he deserves it, as a natural alpha male. So the hotel was also one of the more expensive and more luxury hotels and within this hotel he stayed at one of the suites on the upper floor. A big room with a couch, a huge bathroom and a great view over the city. Also the Master was still in kind of a casual business outfit. So there was I, in the suite of a businessman who had had a hard day at work, kneeling in front of him and waiting for orders. What I really like about this Master is that he is not shy. He knows that he is a superior and that I'm an inferior who he is born to serve. And he also knows that this is a very rare and exceptional present from my Master, that he lends his slave to another Master. So he really made good use of the time and was not shy to use me, so he would be pleased.

The crop was ominpresent on this evening. It was always near the hand of the Master and he used it quite often on my ass, on my back and on my feet and he loved to see my suffering reaction and studied my pain distorted face. Of course he unlocked my dick, so he could play with it. He said that the cage was unnecessary because it was protecting my dick, a slavedick should be accessible for a Master to be played with. And he knew that I was not allowed to touch my dick anyway. So the Master used me and I served him. I was kneeling in front of him serving the wine I brought as a tribute. I was used as a human footrest while the Master was relaxing. I was licking his sneaks and boots very passionate but also silently because the Master still had to do some important calls. This was a very hot situation I thought. The Master was doing his calls or watching TV and did not give me much attention. I was just there, kind of an object. It was my role to be silent and a good footrest or licking silently and doing my ordered tasks. Waiting every second for the voice of the Master if I would get another order or if I just had stay as this silent serving object.

Well of course I was not the whole evening silent. As I said I also consider this Master as friend. And so we also chatted a little bit, while he was torturing my nipples with his fingers and my cock and balls with his boots. I love it to talk in a normal way to a Master while he es in full control over me and uses me. That is a great feeling of hierarchy! And of course I also was not silent when I received the crop, although I tried not to scream too loud so the other hotel guests would not be disturbed. The four hours passed, the Master locked my dick my again, he filled out the satisfaction questionnaire and sent me home to my Master.

My Master looked at my body and the questionnaire and said something like: "Oh wow, he really had fun with you!" I think my Master also liked it very much that the other Master had enjoyed his gift. And he obviously did because I had marks on my body from the crop and boots for about a week and I looked at them with pride! And I also think I got a good valuation, because my Master allowed me to have a beer for performing so well.
I wonder if and when my Master will lend me the next time to another Master and who it might be?

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Anonymous said...

Hi slave, how would you have reacted if it had been a Mistress instead of a Master?

Master D. said...

Hi Anonymous!
That is such a good question that I ordered my slave to write a blogpost about it. Stay tuned for the answer.

fs001 said...

That's such a hot experience !!!
And, as Your slave said, Sir, it requires so much confidence from both of You/you, Sir.
Thank You for letting Your slave share it, Sir.