Thursday, June 9, 2022

Your question: Are there days where I need a break from BDSM?

Thank you for your questions that you have for me and our lifestyle. I want to answer the following question I received from a follower on twitter:

"From the outside your life style looks really intense. Are there days when you need a break from it all. Does sir allow you time to step back from the lifestyle for a moment."

I can only imagine that our lifestyle looks really intense from the outside. But be reassured. It is totally voluntarly, mutual, consensual and based on love and respect. So for us our intense lifestyle makes us happy and is nothing that burdens us, where we would need a break from. But of course Sir is very concerned with my wellbeing and he knows that there are times where our lifestyle has to be a little less intense. That can mean during times of illness, busy times at work, around vanillas etc. In those cases there is kind of a break. For example if I feel ill, I don't have to perform all my tasks, I might use furniture, I might wear clothes etc. until I am back and healthy again. 

Of course Master knows what kind of things, next to serving Him, make me happy. He knows for example that I enjoy coffee. At home I always have to drink my coffee from the floor out of the dog bowl but sometime Master goes with me to nice places where I can enjoy a perfect coffee with a great view. But no great view can change that my most favorite cup of coffee is in my dog bowl close to the feet of my Master.

So it is actually the other way round. If the circumstances force us to live our lifestyle less intense as we would love it to be - we pretty soon need a break from vanilla circumstances so that we can go back to our normal BDSM life that makes us happy.

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Anonymous said...

I've been so worried about how to live a real life as a slave, and this really helped! Thank you so much