Thursday, February 28, 2019

Marking my slave permanently

Today is a special day!
Today my slave received his “slave tattoo”. He received my Master emblem on his body. The biggest joy for me is that he told me he is ready for this step. Of course, I could command him to receive a tattoo, but it would reduce the “emotional value” of it.
To know that my beloved slave is ready and wants the tattoo makes it more “emotional valuable”. To me and to him. Also, because it is an act to show his love to me! He knows since the beginning that I would be honored to have my slave permanently marked.

When he decided that he is ready for his permanent slave mark. It was clear that I will choose the motive and the place where it will be displayed. Because it is a permanent decision, I wanted his opinion on my decision. It is my responsibility that he will not have any negative impact caused by the motive or place of the tattoo, so it was for me important to hear his opinion.

It was clear that he should receive his slave tattoo in a special occasion. So I really searched hard to find someone who tattoo people in a "BDSM-way". I searched long and hard but, in the end, I found a tattoo studio who is specialized in a “BDSM way”.

After clarifying everything I made an appointment and rented a SM-Apartment.
Before their arrival I prepared my slave. He had to be naked only wearing his mask and cuffs.
So first my slave had to serve the guests with drinks following the servant protocol. Afterwards it got serious. After the tattoo artist prepared everything, I ordered my slave in a standing position and the tattoo artist asked where exactly the tattoo should be displayed and draw the outlines. For the next step I ordered my slave to lay down on a spanking bench, tied him up and gagged him.

The tattoo artist began with the work. It was a beautiful view! Seeing my slave tied up on the bench and receiving my Master emblem. This is really a unique view, a unique experience! I really enjoyed seeing how my emblem became more and more visible on the body of my slave while he was at my mercy. The whole process took about one hour.

“It`s done, I'm finished” - These words redeemed my slave from the bench and he is now marked with my Master emblem.

My slave had the order to write a blog entry about this special event. You can find it here.

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Unknown said...

Fantastic. Its good to mark your property, and very special to use your emblem in such a permanent way.

Anonymous said...

Such a turn on to fantasize that happening