Thursday, January 2, 2020

Tributing a Master (from Slaves M. point of view)

In this post I will address the topic of tributing to another Master in general and from my point of view. I'll not write about what it is like to tribute to my Master, because he owns me and so this should be a topic of its own.

First of all I was really surprised to see how many CashMasters, findoms etc. are out there on twitter and other platforms and seeking the money off submissive. So I have put many thoughts into that topic. Please be aware that all my thoughts are just my personal point of view. I know that some people see it differently. I want to address the Pros and the Cons of findoms, and then describe the type of Master I'm eager to tribute.

Pros of findom:
It allows you to serve a Master although he is hundreds of miles away. You can serve several Masters and a Master can be served by different slaves. It can be made anonymously, you don't have to spend a lot of time of chatting, planing a travel etc. You just pay and have the good feeling of serving a superior. You can serve a Master who you normally would maybe not address because you are two shy, think you are too old etc. for him.

Cons of findom:
Draining slaves: Some Masters seem to like to drain slaves, that they give so much that the slaves can't afford their rent, food or other personal stuff. Of course the slave gives the money voluntarily, but in my point of view also the Master has a responsibility for his slaves. A caring Master would only accept tributes that don't harm the slave. I can't take Masters for real that like to make slaves bankrupt and laugh at them.

"Straight" Cashmasters: I'm also worried about these trend of straight Cashmasters that shout at gay slaves that they have to submit to them because they are gay. There might be of course straight Masters that are superior. But a straight person is not superior over a gay person because he is straight. That is a dangerous point of view and something I thought we had overcome.

So what type of Master I might tribute?
First of all I have to make clear that I'm an owned slave. My Master allows me to ask for permission to tribute to another Master once a month. He decides if I'm allowed to tribute to this Master and how much money I'm allowed to spend. So to ask my Master to tribute to you, you should:

  • Be able to pay your own bills. Masters that are obviously broke and only act like Masters because they need cash are a big turnoff. A Master that is able to pay his own bills and rent on the other hand is a big turn-on. When you give this Master a tribute he gets the amount of luxury he as a superior deserves and at the same time I as a slave cut down with my own luxury  to save the money for a Master.
  • Be over 25. It is very hard for me to take all those "straight alpha dom, just turned 18"-people serious. There might be some of them of course, but when I see a picture of them I most of time just want to cuddle them, not kneel in front of them.
  • Don't be desperate. Be polite instead. Masters that ask for money all the time and have the feeling that they have to make their slaves feel worthless and shitty all the time by calling them names...well I don't know where to start but it is hard for me to take them serious. Like every other aspect of BDSM also findom should be connected with respect and trust for each other. Messages starting with: "You stupid pathetic fag open your wallet" will get a response, but nothing more. 
  • Don't make findom your only topic online. Until now I only have tributed to Masters that are posting original content of domination and who also accept tributes via a wishlist etc. but not making it their only topic online. 

Tributing to this type of Master makes me very happy because I have the feeling I can give a little luxury to a superior who is far away and who deserves to be treated superior. And I'm very thankful to my Master hat he allows me to tribute to a Masters. I think he enjoys that his slave has accepted his inferiority to Alphas and that his slaves asks if he is allowed to spent his hard earned money on gifts for other Masters. 
So you see there are definitely thousands types of slaves and Masters that have a different approach to findom. But my wish would be that it s the same with BDSM: Play is safe and with respect for Master and slave.

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Anonymous said...

Slave M. for writing this, and to MasterHusband for posting this.

I'd like to take a moment of My time to Thank both of you for writing and sharing the important concepts of what FinDomination truly is about.
For years I've had many slaves approach Me requesting My allowance of them to contribute to My world, and as much as I fully appreciated their offering, I just couldn't bring Myself down to the level of the "young jocks" that you mentioned, and/or the self proclaimed money sucking Doms who found humor in sucking the very life from a slave without any regard for the effects it had on the "real" slave after. of those (distant) slaves has reached out to Me again, and inquired about My allowing him to tribute to My world.
What you shared here, hits the nail on the head about the fulfillment and happiness a slave achieves when allowed to tribute a Master he feels strongly for and desires the honor of doing what the slave can to make that Master's world a little brighter.
As a Master of over 40 years, I've trained and nurtured MANY subs and slaves, and even a few aspiring Doms. Each of them gave something of themselves (physically, mentally, emotionally, and probably spiritually) which contributed to their time at My feet, as well as to this Domain. Never once was a tribute given, or asked for.

This writing, has opened My eyes and mindset again to understand the importance of allowing a slave to tribute.
It's a need they are reaching out to fulfill. NOT Mine..but their own.

Thank you again for sharing this..

Master Don

Slave M. said...

Dear Master Don!
Thank you very much for your warm words and your thoughtful comment. It is an honor that you found my blogpost interesting and "eye opening". Like you said, I also think it gives the slave happiness and fulfillment when we are allowed to tribute and serve as long as the Master is also happy about the tribute.

Thank you for training slaves Sir!

Yours respectfully Slave M.