Thursday, January 28, 2021

Why I am happy that my Master enjoys my obedience.

I consider myself as a natural slave who wants to please a Master by following his orders to the point. I was quite surprised when I found out that not every Master wanted that.
Some Masters like their slaves disobedient and it took me some time to know why they preferred their slaves like that. I think there are two reasons why some Masters and slaves prefer some kind of disobedience over obediences.
I think reason number one is: Showing or feeling power.
For some Masters it is less about having a slave doing something for them but more about making the slave do those things. They don't want to have a slave licking their boots - they want to force a guy to lick their boots, show them that they are in charge and that they have the power. This can be by using the power of their bodies or tools like whips, crops, slaps in the face etc. For some guys it is even hotter it they get the feeling that the other part does not want to do these things, but they only do it because they are forced to do it. Many fantasies and stories are around those topics. This can be for example making a straight guy sucking you off, turning a man into a servant, a dog, a pet etc. I once had a Master who loved as start of a session to force me to suck his dick by slapping me in the face. Which was funny for me because I had to pretend that I did not wanted his dick in the beginning.
Also some submissive enjoy to be forced do something. They want to be used, to be forced, to the feel the power of the Master who binds them, who uses them, who makes them crawl on the floor etc. To some extend I also enjoy this. I was not born with all my skills and knowledges and of course even if ordered I was not able to do everything from the beginning. For example I had to be forced to drink the first time piss and also in some other cases I had to be pushed a little.
Reason number two is: Having a reason to punish.
This probably was hardest for me to understand. Some Masters enjoy it, when their subs disobey, are bratty or fail their tasks, because they then have a reason to punish. They either expect their subs to fail or they give them impossible tasks where they have to fail. I once had a Master who kept me as his dog and I could tell that he was disappointed that I followed every command. He rather preferred his humans dogs disobedient so he could punish them and (see reason number one) force them to do something. One time I even had a Master who told me to stay chaste one week before our session, which of course I did. But when we met he wanted me to punish me for not having been chaste, because he kind of expected that his submissives would not stay chaste, so that he could punish me. 
I actually met more Masters who enjoyed their slaves in some way disobedient rather than having a well trained 100% obedient slave. As an obedient slave I did my best and was sometimes disobedient to please them best. Then I finally met my Master. He expects his slaves to be totally obedient and he only has given me tasks so far which are hard, but possible to succeed. This is the way I serve best and I am happy that I can now be 100% honest in my obedience towards my Master. 

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Anonymous said...

So you say some subs/slaves disobey to get punished. How do they get punished? As a sub/slave I do not like pain with may a hand spanking to bring home a point. There are other ways such as forcing the sub/slave to wear certain clothes or underwear while out either at work or on a date. The idea being he could be exposed by wearing them. I was ordered to wear a black pantie girdle with a cock strap when shopping. The Cock strap kept me erect and the bulge in my pants was very visible for all to see. It takes time and to settle on ways to punish a sub/slave to keep both parties happy.

Anonymous said...

100% obedience is the hottest thing for me as a Master. I’ve always wondered how a slave could be so obedient in a 24/7 relationship with his Master?

Anonymous said...

Wearing a pair of panties with pink lace trim and that were see through. If we were at a party I would be ordered to show someone and would. There was the time when quest were over I was ordered to stay in character and stay collared and nude so everyone could see my submissiveness.