Sunday, May 8, 2022

A guest who turned into a (guest)slave

What a nice evening I had! It is the first time since the pandemic that I had a new guestslave - but lets start from the beginning. The guestslave came first as a normal guest. Therfore he did not submit from the beginning. He did not call me Sir. Yes he always showed respect and was polite and it was clear that he probably wanted to serve. He knew that if he would submit, I will always see him as a slave (more about that here). So we met first on an "equal base" - I invited him over to expirience a three course meal where my slave is in servant protocol. 

The night before the meeting I told my slave that we will expect a guest and that I expect everything prepaired for the visit. Of course my slave did not need to know what kind of guest would come - it is none of his business as slave. It is his duty to follow my orders. So he cleaned the flat, prepaired the table, did the errands. For the evening I masked my slave and put him into waiting position holding two glass of sparkling wine.

I picked up our guest while my slave was patiently waiting naked, cuffed and masked with the two glasses. I told the guest that I prepared a sealed envelope. If he would want to submit he only had to break the seal and follow the instruction in it. After we arrived our guest inspected my slave and took the sparkling wine. We took our seats at the table and my slave started to prepare and serve the first course while we chatted. After the first course and  some talking about our lifestyle the guest decided to submit. He broke the seal and with it he lost his equal rights. He was not longer allowed to use the furniture, he lost the right of wearing clothes in this household and he lost other priviliges. He read the letter and followed the instruction. He went to the alpha slave and asked him if he can show him some postures and support him for the night. They went to another room and my slave explained and trained him the basics. After that my slave brought me our guestslave I began to inspect him.

I decided to go "slow" on him. He was allowed to speak freely - as long as he showed the respect I deserve - and I did not order him to adress me "Sir". He could if he wanted to, but there was no rule for him. I kept him in more a "normal" protocol but I trained him in how to serve me correctly. How to bring the wine, how to serve the meal. 

It was a really nice visit and I see potential in him. I hope he will follow his desires and go deeper into submission. Let´s see if/when he askes if he can serve again.

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fs001 said...

It must have been such an amazing experience for him, Sir!!!
i'm pretty sure he was thrilled and he enjoyed every second of his time serving You, Sir. So i guess he'll ask (and maybe beg) for the privielege of doing it again, Sir. If so, i'm sure all Your followers would be delighted to know how You used him, Sir. As probably all Yours subs followers would envy being in his position, Sir...

Anonymous said...

I would hope he would beg for more! Serving Master D as a guest slave always exceeded my expectations!