Friday, September 21, 2018

Reflections on being a Houseslave.

I love to see my Master siting on the couch and relaxing after work or during the weekends.
I love it to see when he watches TV, plays or reads.

When I see him this way I would love to go down on my knees and lick his feet, lick his balls and maybe suck his dick. But than I think again and I come to the conclusion: I would also fullfill my lust and I don’t really serve my Master the way I could. So I do all my householdslaves chores first. I bring my Master drinks, so he can enjoy his spare time, then I bring down the trash, I tidy the room etc.

And when I’m done with all my chores and made the life of my Master easier than I get down on all fours and start to lick the feet of my Master and wait fort he next order he gives me.


Master D. said...

I love to see how you do your slave chores while I am relaxing! It is such a beatiful view!

fs001 said...

Lucky you!
i think that, deep inside, i must be a houseslave.
i love being useful, servile.
i guess it would be so much better serving a Master...