Thursday, October 25, 2018

Having another Master to Dinner (Master D's view)

I love to receive visit from friends who knows what kind of life we are living. In this case I do not have to "hide" my slave. We can the live our "normal" life. My slave can then be displayed for what he is: A Slave. How such a visit looks like you can read here. This is a true story!

When I am awaiting visits from friends who are also into BDSM I do not tell my slave. Who and what type of visit is coming is not the concern of my slave. This situation shows that I am in charge and that I decide whom my slave has to serve! A good slave accept his position and serve every other person which his Master ordered him to.

I told my slave that I am awaiting a friend in two hours and so I send him shopping. I wanted a 3 course menu for two person for tonight and I applied the high protocol "Servant" after he came back from shopping. So he cleaned the apartment and set the table for two.

I placed my slave in front of the entry, blindfolded and gagged. He had to hold a tray with sparkling wine as a welcome drink. Naked and clueless who is coming he waited at the entry. My friend came and my slave was very nervous. So I welcomed my friend and Master colleague and we went to our (special) welcome drink. While we were talking we begann to play with the nipple of my slave. Immediately my slave received a boner and of course my master colleague played a little bit with the balls and cock of my slave.
I removed the gag and the blindfold. Me and my friend sat down on the couch to talk while my slave was in his waiting position after bringing us the drinks we ordered. Kneeling with legs apart in front of both Masters while holding the drinks of each Master in his hands and having a straight back. I saw that he loved to serve two true real Master because he had a boner while holding our drinks. After a while talking with my friend he probably had the impression to not received a proper welcome. So he ordered my slave to lick his sneaks. My slave looked at me and waited to receive my confirmation to do so. I nodded. My slave is not allowed to receive any order from another Master without my confirmation. I gave my slave the order to fulfill this evening all commands from my Master colleague without awaiting my confirmation. He nodded. While we were talking my slave licked the sneaks of my friend, refilled ours glasses and afterwards licked my feeds while my Master colleague used him as a footstool.

I ordered my slave to prepare the first course of the menu. He went to the kitchen and once a while came back to see if we need more drinks and refilled our glasses. I was in a conversation when my slave came back, kneeled in front of us and waited until I addressed him. "The first course is ready to be served, Sir". We went to the table and my slave seated us. Afterwards he ask what we want to drink. He served us the first meal and the drinks. While doing that I noticed that he made a mistake. Therefore I ordered him on all fours and punished him with the whip. As trained he counted the whiplashes. Afterwards we began to eat and my slave took his position behind me on the right side as trained for the servant protocol. It must be a really pleasing sight for my friend. shortly thereafter he again ordered my slave to lick his sneakers again while eating and talking with me. Sometime I heard a soft moan from my slave. As noticed my master colleague enjoyed my slave by standing on his hands with his sneakers while he was licking them. Later, my glass went empty so I called my slave which was busy licking the sneaks. I heard my slave moaning while trying to remove his hands under the sneakers of my Master colleague. After refilling my glass he went back to the sneaks.

After the first course we went back on the couch and talked again while my slave prepared the second course. He again came as I trained him, kneeled in front of us and waited until I addressed him. "Sir, the second course is ready to be served". Again he seated us like I trained him. He asked what we want to drink and brought the wine. He poured a small amount of wine in my glass and waited in the position learned until I gave him the okay for the Wine. He filled up the glass and went to my Master colleague. Poured him wine in his glass and served the main course. He than went in his waiting position behind me with his legs spread, hands behind his straight back and his look straight.
This time he served the meal and drinks without any mistakes.

After the main course I put my slave in his cage and gave him his meal as always in his bowl. My friend and I then talked about (master) topics which were not intended for my slave. Afterwards I released my slave and ordered him to prepared the dessert. What happen afterwards will remain a secret but I can tell you: Me and my Master colleague really enjoyed the night and had fun! At the end of the night my slave was exhausted.

I ordered my slave to write a post about his point of view about this entry. You can find it here.

If you have any question or comments about this experience let me know in the comment below.


Master M. said...

I had the pleasure to join my friend Master D. for dinner at his place. To be perfectly honest, I do not remember which food we had for dinner. �� I just remember that slave M.’s cooking skills positively surprised me. And Master D. made sure to present his slave in the best way from the very beginning. Slurping sparkling wine while twisting the bartender’s nipples is fun. Seeing the bartender struggling to hold the tray - as excitement and pain run through his body - is even more fun!
It was pleasing to experience slave M.’s diligence and passion when serving two Masters. Be it when simply resting in his servant position, be it when he affectionately licked my sneakers. He knows his place very well, and my Master friend can be proud of the slave he molded. That doesn’t exclude the need for some refinement or correction of his behavior, of course. But that is also part of the fun for a sadistic Master. ��
Needless to say, I enjoyed the evening very much and hope to have the opportunity to spend such a pleasant evening soon again.

Master D. said...

Hi Master M.!
Nice to read you here on our Blog! Thank you for writing a comment about your visit! Great to read that you enjoyed my slave and the evening. I hope we will see us soon again!
Stay tuned for more :-)
My slave also wants to express his gratitude for your visit and the nice comment about it. He is ready for serving any time soon.

slave p said...

What a good thing to read a story about realness Master/slave. Just three authentic person that plenty live their true nature of being.