Sunday, October 7, 2018

Why my Master is keeping me chaste and why I think it is good for me

When I first met my master I was in my mid-twenties. I was jerking off between one and three times a day. When I was starting to meet my master I only met him once every month. He made it totally clear to me, that I was not allowed to shoot one week before the session. He did not gave me a chastity device. He just gave me the order and I followed it. He knew that I was a true natural slave and so he trusted me that I would not jerk off, even if my penis was not locked away.

During the sessions I was sometimes allowed to come, sometimes not. For my Master and me SM and sessions are not connected to orgasms. He expected me to be submissive even if I had jerked off and I did not know if I would get an orgasm when I met him.

Pretty soon it was clear that I would meet him on a regular basis. So he made it clear to me, that I was
not allowed to come more than once a day. I could ask for more orgasms, but I could be denied. Even when I met other man, he had already started to control my sexuality, because I only was allowed to come once a day. At that time it was hard for me. But nothing compared to the situation I’m living now in!

After I became the permanent slave of my Master, he decided that we would live together. He told me this was the only way I could serve him the way it was appropriate for a slave. But when we started to live together he also made it clear that I would never ever be allowed to touch my dick, or jerk off without his direct consent. He told me that his hand would be the only thing that would give me orgasms. And he would use them to reward me in the case I was a good slave, but also to deny me or give me ruined orgasms when I was a bad slave. That was more than five years ago. Since that time I have never touched my own dick, except for cleaning purposes.

At first I still received often orgasms, mostly as a reward. But over the years my master made them rarer and rarer and now it is very hard for me to receive an orgasm. Maybe one day he will stop giving me any orgasms at all. As my master keeps me naked he loves it when I run around with an erect dick and he even loves it even more to play with me and stimulate me without letting me come. Almost every day, sometimes more, he plays with my nipples and he strokes my dick but doesn’t let me come. He loves to edge me and to control me in this way.

I always have to tell him shortly before I jerk off and then he stops for a short time and starts all over again. On the weekends this sometimes goes on forever... When I’m allowed to come he strokes my dick and then he gives me a small time frame. Within this frame I’m allowed to shoot, If I can’t to it, I miss the opportunity to receive a release from my sexual frustration. Of course it is a hard situation for me and it is often very frustrating. But I’m thankful to my Master that he helps me to be the true slave I really am. I’m a totally submissive male. But when I’m denied to come, I’m even 10% more submissive. So for every Master out there who is reading this: keep your slaves in chastity and edge them! You will love the performance of your slaves when you deny them orgasms! And from my perspective: I never had such good orgasms as when I’m giving one as a reward by the wonderful hand of my Owner.

My Master wrote also about keeping slaves chaste. You can find the post here

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Master D. said...

Nice Post! Nice that you wrote also about the topic of chaste!

sklave_ch said...

I admire your discipline. You have my respect to fulfill this order without a chastity belt !!

Slave M. said...

Thank you for the nice words sklave_ch! It is definitely hard, but it gets easier by the time. I have a good Master who helps me fulfill his orders... and by the way I don't have much choice:-)

Unknown said...

Sounds a good life serving Master
Wish it was me

Slave M. said...

Thanks for your nice comment! Yes it is, indeed. Keep searching to find your Master.

fs001 said...

What a great article!
i trully admire you.
For being able to handle orgasm denials.
And for explaining so well what you went through and what's in your mind.
May i please ask you one thing? Do you ever have an (uncontrolled) orgasm by being fucked by your Master? If so, how do you feel?