Monday, May 20, 2019

You choose my punishment

This very moment I have been released from my punishment you have chosen for me. I want to apologize to all our readers for my insufficient post quality. Most of all I want to apologize to all the Masters that are reading our post and especially to my Master. I failed you. Thank you very much for forgiving me and choosing my punishment.

You decided I was to put into a stress position for 30 minutes, which felt like one hour to me. It was very hard for me and I almost could not bare it to be in the stress position, but I had no choice than go through it. My hands are still weak while I'm writing this and it will take some time till my body will have recovered fully. You did not know that, but from all the possible punishments you have chosen the hardest punishment for me. Thank you for taking interest in my training and in deciding on the way I should be corrected. From now on I will put even more effort in writing my entries here.
Comment from Master D.:

You voted (here) about the punishment my slave should receive for his insufficient post-quality in one of his drafts. So here I also provide a picture of him suffering in his stress position:

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1 comment:

fs001 said...

i never experienced it but i've always wondered what it feels like to be in this position, unable to move and compelled to receive anything Master wants to do.
It requires a great deal of confidence in your Master to do it.
But i know you and Him completely trust each other.
Lucky you experiencing that!