Thursday, March 4, 2021

Slaves and positive reinforcement

I want to write today about the topic of positive reinforcement in BDSM. When we think about BDSM and how to train a slave we immediatly think of "negative" reinforcement. Using the crop, showing the slave what he did wrong and so on. Of course I use the crop, of course my slave gets punished when he did something wrong - this is all part of BDSM. In a session it can work to only focus on the "negative" reinforcemend. When living the BDSM lifestyle positive reinforcement is as important as negative reinforcement and I believe also in sessions where you have a submissive and devoted (natural) slave it is a important and great tool to use positive reinforcement. I am mentioning here especialy natural slaves. Slaves who want to serve and seek happiness in serving their Superior right and correctly. Slaves are not interested in failing and want to seek the path of serving and submitting to a Master or a Mistress. These slaves want to do it right, they don't want to get punished but of course they want to be trained with the crop, give their bodys to the Superior to give them joy. Suffer for them - if this makes their Master/Mistress happy. 
It took a while until I recognized the power of positive reinforcement for these kind of slaves. It is an indicator and a good training tool for the slaves. When natural slaves recognised they are doing their serving right and receive a "good slave" or "well done slave" they know that the situation pleased their Superior and I am sure they even try harder to serve a Master who recognizes their services. 

I believe a phrases like "good work slave" - "I am proud of you slave" are high rewards for a slaves and I believe it also touches the slaves soul. Of cource you can also positive reinforce a slave with rewards but I believe a devoted slave wants to hear that his Superior is happy with him.
Therefore to all Superiors: Do not underestimate the power of positive reinforcement but the most important thing about it: It has to be honest and you have to mean it.

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fs001 said...

One more time, it's so good and conforting to read a clever Master's thoughts. And to know He does care for His slaves in every way. Thank You, Sir.