Friday, November 2, 2018

Riding the slave at the Farm

I went with my slave on a small trip to another city. There we visited a friend of ours which we try to meet every-time we are there.

He has a small "farm". We were invited for a little dinner. When we meet the master my slave is allowed to sit and eat at the beginning with us at the table. Furthermore he is also allowed to wear clothes at the beginning but of course he has to wear his slave collar. We talked about everything and anything. Usually after dinner I or the master orders slave M. to get prepared for the evening. You must know, this master is a human ponyrider!

To get prepared means to unclothe and to wear his cuffs. Afterwards he goes on all fours and waits for further commands/preparation. The rider began the procedure. He is really into riding (pony)slaves and you see his passion in every move he makes. Because of his passion for riding slaves he is well equipped with a lot of stuffs for that, as example a original and special prepared saddle for human ponies. He perfected everything and anything. I love to see how my slave gets prepared and I saw the glance of the rider preparing my slave for the ride. That made me very proud! Proud to see that my slave proceed like trained and that looks so esthetic to me. When I demonstrate or lend my slave to other masters, I examine meticulously every position and movement my slave takes. I expect that his performance is perfect and that he performs and takes his position like I trained him in. My slave has of course a Ponyslave Protocol, but I am not presenting my slave to the rider, I am lending him my slave. So the rider can make the rules. So the Ponyslave Protocol is only partially valid.

He received first the stirrup equipment after that he received the halter. The rider sat down on my slave and made a small ride for a test. After that he received the (pony)harness to be sure the saddle which came next fits and is secured. After gearing up my slave he took the crop and gave the command to go forwards. Unfortunately the weather was to bad to do the ride outdoors. Normally, when the weather is good enough he rides the slaves outside. So we enjoyed the ride indoor. After a short time my slave begann to wheeze. The rider rode to me, gave me the rein and the crop. So I made my tour with my ponyslave. I felt that he was exhausted and tried to do his best to be a good ponyslave. Later the rider suggested that my slave could provide us both for a small ride. I had to agree to this good idea. So my slave had to carry two riders on his back. At the end of the tour he was so exhausted that he nearly collapsed. So we gave him a rest.

The rider and I talked a lot this evening and my slave was used as a footstool, a chair or he simply licked our boots.

I really enjoyed the visit and I want to thank the rider for the great evening!

UPDATE: If you want to read about my slave views you can find his post here.

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slave p said...

Pony or dogtraining are such a good way in terms of training and domination to teach the slave to be at his place. Furthermore pony is excellent to push the physical boundaries of the slave, carry on his Master or even better two should make a slave so proud.